When The Music Stops

My 200 word offering to the writing prompt ‘Remains’ at WritingThe200

Six octogenarians play Mah Jong every afternoon before retreating to their rooms where careful selection is made of appropriate outfits for dinner at six.

Their two male counterparts hunch like hibernating bears in easy chairs at the far end of the room, waiting for the biddies to exit so they can shuffle to the table for a quick game of pinch the wait staff.

The woman re-emerge donning finery, and everyone is served by the minimum wage attendants. The blue hairs exchange lofty remarks referencing status held in younger days meant only to impress each other, long reconciled to the fact that the gentlemen among them bring nothing to the table but the slurping of soup through missing dentures.

When the plates are cleared someone takes to the piano as the men waddle back to their designated seats of permanent indifference. The ladies sing along, occasionally rise to dance with imaginary partners from cotillions past. Arthritic limbs determine the end to the evening activities.

When the music stops they return to their separate rooms finding beds turned down signifying another day passing without visitors. Night creams applied, they settle in for restless sleep, staring into the shadows of what remains.

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