Meet G

The first piece written in response to WritingThe200 on 1/3/2016


Pleased to meet him she wasn’t. All picked over scabs from an inherited disease, the new boss delivered a cartful of brown tinged reports, each requiring immediate attention. He disappeared onto the sales floor, greeted by cheers and roaring laughter.

Her first task, as far as she could discern, was to read the market analysis of proposed branding logos. By the end of the day she chose the tilted F. It did well in research groups, was simple and easy to reproduce in various sizes.

Closer inspection of the chosen design revealed subtle intricacies; each bold line was made up of contorted stick figures that would prove an accurate depiction of the organization when it all came crashing down eight years later. No one was laughing in the unemployment line except the scarred man who handed her a severance check for a job well done.

Ten years later, after other scandals erased public memory of her previous employer, she received a phone call from the old boss’s son. He was starting a company, wanted her in to head up the marketing department. Her first directive would be to develop a logo for Global Energy Traders. She had just the thing.

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