Different Directions

Written in response to the ‘Catch Me If You Can’ prompt at Writingthe200, which turns out to be a sequel to the ‘Lovely Day’ response to ’21’. 

Robbing a bank proved easier than anticipated.

Lacking faith in their dim witted friend, Ron and Chi chose to block the inner and outer doors as bad luck Digby approached the tellers.

Deed done, the three scrambled in opposite directions and across the street. Plan was to each hop the 21 Metro bus at different stops, ride to the end of the line where Digby’s beat-up car was waiting.

Ron ran left and Chi ran left. Safely aboard, they exchanged nods as Ron walked the aisle, Chi already seated by the rear exit.  The two exchanged worried looks as Digby wasn’t among the passengers.

They found the car where they left it, owner nowhere in sight, not answering his phone. Assuming the dope must have been caught, they spent the next two days hiding out in mom’s basement immersed in news updates. Gradually it registered that Digby must have gotten away, which was a relief as well as a pisser since he had the money and mom’s boyfriend’s gun.

Digby never intended to ditch his friends. He just got on a bus going in the wrong direction. By the time he realized his error, he felt the lights going on, his luck finally changing.

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