Bea’s Come Back Recital

In response to the Concert prompt at Writingthe200. More or less a follow up on last week’s piece with a slightly longer piece (unposted) in between.Think it works ok on it’s own. Here goes….


Despite the sheer ridiculousness of his sister Bea’s singing acapella renditions of the Monkees’ greatest hits to a room full of half deaf blue hairs accompanied by home care providers who schlepped them and all their life-extending apparatus to this big night out at the Chitty City Senior Center, Dan was unable to heckle to his heart’s content due to his constantly being on the verge of nodding off.

His best bud Devo kept elbowing big Dan in the ribs whenever he started to slump too far over in his uncomfy molded plastic chair.

‘Dude, stay awake,’ Devo muttered under his breath. ‘It’s probably the heat in here making you groggy. It’s like 90 degrees and you’re wearing that trench coat. Take that thing off.’

‘Can’t,’ muttered Dan in response, discreetly opening a flap of the floor length duster to reveal a peek of the polka dot and ruffled ensemble beneath.

‘What is that? Pajamas? Is there a costume party afterward? Are you supposed to be Pagliacci?’

‘Bea made me wear it.’

‘Since when do you let anyone make you do anything?’

‘She found my stash of air horns and twinkies and she’s holding them hostage.’

‘That explains it. Sure.’

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