Lovely Day

My 200 word response to the writing prompt ’21’ at WritingThe200 

Having just turned on the OPEN sign, Cordelia settled in for another day of waiting for walk-ins. A sudden procession of rushing sirens were doing a fine job were wearing down her attempts to stay calm, peaceful and positive.

Refusing to let the commotion outside affect her, she cranked up a go to feel good song, moved to the center of the struggling boutique, and was just starting in on her dance, eyes closed, palms to the sky, when the front door opened.

A man, young enough to have been her child if she ever had one, was radiating fear and panic as he stared her down, gripping a canvas bag in one hand, pointed gun in the other.

Cordelia shook her head as she danced toward the intruder, gestured for him to drop his belongings, placed her hands on his cold cheeks.

For the next two minutes they moved to the music, joined in repeating the chorus, believing the words.

When it ended, he calmly retrieved his bag, placed a stack of bills beside the gun left lying on the floor, and walked away. Peering through cracked blinds, she watched him board the 21 Metro, pushed the replay button.

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